LDA annual budget approved


THE governing body of the Lahore Development Authority approved its budget and its agencies Wasa and TEPA for the fiscal year 2013-14 on Monday.

Total resources of LDA, Wasa and TEPA have been estimated at Rs 25.046 billion, whereas approximation of expenditure is at Rs 25.043 billion out of which Rs 14.40 billion have been earmarked for development works.

District Coordination Officer and LDA Chairman Nasim Sadiq chaired the budget meeting which was attended by LDA Director General Ahad Khan Cheema, Wasa MD Dr Javed Iqbal, TEPA Chief Engineer Saeed Akhter, LDA Chief Engineer Asrar Saeed, LDA Finance Director Zaheer Asghar Rana and other officers concerned and representatives of the provincial local government, housing, P&D and finance departments besides administrators of the nine constituent towns of the city district, Lahore.

Total resources of LDA Urban Development Wing during the fiscal year 2013-14 have been estimated at Rs.11.56 billion against the expected expenditure of Rs 11.543 billion. This amount will also include development expenditure of Rs 9.10 billion.

Out of total of Rs 2.6 billion allocated in the new budget for LDA’s housing schemes the LDA will spend Rs 1,100 million on the development of necessary infrastructure in housing schemes for government employees LDA Avenue-1. Construction of road network, main trunk sewer from Expo Centre to Satukatla Drain, grid station and water supply and sewerage work at the Finance and Trade Centre, Johar Town, will cost Rs 919 million.

A sum of Rs 500 million has been earmarked for a new housing scheme, LDA City, in the provincial metropolis.An amount of Rs 1.6 billion has been allocated for construction of buildings by LDA. A sum of Rs 185 million will be spent on starting construction of new buildings.

A total of Rs 250 million will be spent on construction of a car parking and commercial plaza at Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town. Installation of fire alarm and security system for LDA buildings will cost Rs 25 million. Project for construction of houses for LDA officials at Jubilee Town will be executed at a cost of Rs 60 million.

An amount of Rs 100 million each will be spent on construction of community centre at Garden Town as well as a commercial plaza at plot No 4-A Gulberg V.Other development schemes will be executed at a cost of Rs 1.35 billion, including Rs 500 million for priority works.

A total of Rs 1.14 billion will be spent on Lahore Roads Rehabilitation Programme (LRRP). In addition, dualization of road from LOS Ferozepur Road to Multan Road will cost Rs 1.84 billion, whereas provision of LED lights at various roads of Lahore will cost Rs 230 million.Wasa is excepting total receipts of Rs.9.051 billion in the financial year 2013-14 while it will spend Rs.9.98 billion, including Rs 2.06 billion on development schemes. An amount of Rs 261 million has been earmarked for construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant at northern side (Mahmood Booti/Salamatpura) of Lahore while an amount of Rs 225 million has been reserved for construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant at South West (Babu Sabu Site). Replacement of outlived, deeper and inundated water supply lines with HDPE pipes in Lahore (Gastro Project Phase-II) will cost Rs 100 million.

Provision of water supply, sewerage and drainage system in UCs 117,118,119 and 120 will be completed at a cost of Rs 50 million. Work on the ongoing schemes will cost Rs 357.691 million. Establishment of Punjab Water Sanitation Academy, Lahore, will cost Rs 75 million. Restoration of Original Cross Section (40 feet) of Sattukatla Drain from Ferozepur Road to PECO Road, Lahore, will cost Rs 100 million.

Wasa has also reserved an amount of Rs 200 million for purchase of water meters to curb incidents of water theft in the city during the new fiscal year.TEPA will have a total of Rs 4.42 billion at its disposal, whereas its expenditure has been estimated at Rs 3.51 billion, including development works costing Rs 3.232 billion.

Source: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-5-193109-LDA-annual-budget-approved