LDA proposes to take over functions of CGDL and TMAs

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Official logo of Lahore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is preparing the final version of a summary seeking control of all private housing schemes in the provincial metropolis through certain amendments to the Punjab Private Housing Schemes and land Sub-Division Rules of 2010.

Officials say the city’s leading civic body wanted to deal with all private housing schemes by limiting the role of the City District Government of Lahore (CGDL) and its nine town municipal administrations (TMAs). LDA has criticised the CDGL and TMAs for not abiding by Lahore’s master plan in approval of schemes in their territorial and revenue jurisdiction. An earlier draft of the summary was approved in 2012 by the then chief minister.

The LDA accused TMAs of sanctioning private housing schemes such as Green City, Paragon City, State Life Housing Scheme (phase-II) and Anmol Housing Scheme in violation of the master plan. “Grand Avenue has also been approved by the Nishtar Town in the green area in violation of the plan,” it said.
The report also claims that LDA has successfully sanctioned 240 schemes in accordance with rules, and boasts of professional manpower unlike TMAs. It alleges that TMAs have failed to show efficiency against developers whereas LDA has taken over schemes that were not completed on time.

LDA DG Dr Ijaz Munir said the summary was being made a final draft. He defended the move, saying: “Towns are not following the master plan-2021. The rules are not being followed in green areas of the city where no scheme can be launched. Similarly, towns are not objecting to flaws in drawings and maps of service roads leading to major roads.”

The CGDL officials on the other hand are strongly opposing the summary. An official privy to the development said CDGL officials were shocked at LDA’s move clipping the role of the CDGL and its towns. He pointed out that schemes like LDA Avenue-1 and Gujjarpura had still not been completed and there were many incidents of fraud and tampering of records in LDA’s schemes.

“The LDA means an authority to ensure execution of development works in its controlled areas. But contrary to this, the LDA is playing the role of a property dealer or a developer,” the official said.

He said the LDA should have recommended building capacity of TMAs rather than scrapping their scope of work. “TMAs consume around Rs1 billion annually while LDA’s budget stands Rs10 billion,” the official added.

Source: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2013/05/27/city/lahore/lda-proposes-to-take-over-functions-of-cgdl-and-tmas/