Development work in Sector G-14 in full swing


On receiving support from Islamabad Administration and after the affectees have assured their full cooperation, the development work in sub-sectors G-14/2 and G-14/3, where the CDA is in possession of land, is in full swing, says an official of the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF).

The FGEHF is likely to start development work in Sector G-15/3 in a couple of months to give possession of alternative plots to the affected people of Sector G-14.

FGEHF Director General Mian Talaat Rasheed, when contacted, told ‘The News’ that the foundation had asked its consultant to complete designing of Sector G-15/3 and it was hoped that it would be completed in one month.

“We have already mobilised some machinery in Sector G-15/3 for ground levelling, but now the development activity will start as per plan,” he said.

He said survey of Built up Property (BuP) in Sector G-14/1 would start next week and task would be accomplished in one-month period. “The affected people who earlier were not allowing survey teams to start their job, have now soften their stand on seeing machinery moving in G-14/2 and G-14/3,” he said adding that the FGEHF management is monitoring the whole activity on weekly basis so that problems coming in the way could be addressed.Source: