CDA to expand IJP Road to eight lanes

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to expand IJ Principal Road to eight lanes after the volume of traffic has increased on it.
According to the statistics quoted by the CDA, the number of vehicles passing through the 11 kilometre strip of IJP Road from Peshawar Road to Faizabad Flyover has increased from 50,000 vehicles to 70,000 vehicles passing through it in a day. This increased volume of traffic has necessitate its expansion, which will cost Rs4 billion.

CDA Member Planning and Design Syed Mustafeen Kazmi said the plan to upgrade the road had been prepared but its implementation was being delayed due to encroachments made by some influential transporters. Motor workshops, kiosks and transport stands have encroached upon both the sides of IJP Road. The CDA has resolved to clear up these encroachments before starting the expansion of the road.

Kazmi said that a firm had also been directed to prepare a flyover design to link Ninth Avenue to Stadium Road to avoid traffic jams on the crossing. The design has also been forwarded to the National Highway Authority (NHA) for its finalisation.Source: