Ali Trade Center, Lahore – By Ali Group

Ali Group Now Launching City’s Tallest Point Planned Building Height: 295 Ft


Enter Ali Trade Center. You are welcome.

• Shopping Mall             05 Floors

• Corporate Block          14 Floors

• Four-Star Hotel            04 Floors

• Entertainment Zone    01 Floor

• Car Parking                  05 Floors

Closer to the cloud than anywhere else in Lahore City, Ali Trade Center (ATC) is planned to be an upscale 29-storey mixed-use commercial high-rise centrally located at the prestigious M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore: One of the most impressive, vibrant and up-market commercial zones in the country. A conservative estimate suggests over a hundred thousand customers visit M. M. Alam road every day.

Ali Trade Center will be Pakistan’s first tower to feature a Luxurious Shopping Mall, Entertainment Zone, 4-Star Hotel, Exclusive Corporate Block, 3D Cinemas, Rooftop Revolving Restaurant and Recreational Clubs: Making ATC a superb combination of work & pleasure.

Get ready to enjoy world-class facilities and state-of-the-art comforts.

Grand & Exclusive Entrances:

Walk in to any of ATC grand entrances and experience the luxurious space artfully decorated to appease your taste and unwind you; a soothing prelude to your business at hand.

• Separate lobbies for both offices & hotel block

• Separate car entry / exit point at front of both lobbies

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