Mareer Tunnel project to be completed in time

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Imdadullah Bosal has directed the authorities concerned to accelerate the pace of work at the Mareer Chowk Tunnel Project, so that it could be completed within the stipulated time frame.

Imdadullah Bosal has issued directives to complete the construction work within the shortest possible time frame, so that the problems being faced by citizens could be minimised.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) commissioner said, “It was an exceptional project as compared to other development works initiated by the government of Punjab.”

The design of the project was approved by the Railway Department, keeping in view the passage of trains through out the day from the Mareer Chowk Railway Bridge.

According to reports, about 35 percent of the development work has been completed and construction of the road is being carried out without any delay, while the superstructure that is to be installed on the tunnels would be made of steel and work in this regard has also been started.

The RDA DG also said, “The contractor company is trying its best to complete the project within the given time frame, which is
May 15.” appSource:\03\11\story_11-3-2013_pg11_4