Pavement of streets in 12 UCs approved

ISLAMABAD – The Islamabad Development Working Party (IDWP) here on Tuesday held a high-level meeting under the chair of Chief Commissioner Islamabad and considered and approved various development schemes for the uplift of rural areas of capital.

The IDWP members including concerned chiefs of Planning and Development Division; Finance Division, Deputy Financial Advisor, Ministry of Interior and officials of Islamabad Capital territory Administration (ICTA) attended the meeting. The participants of the meeting considered the PC-I of 12 uplift schemes under the (PWP-II), relating to pavement of streets in 12 union councils of Islamabad and in principle gave approval of these uplift schemes. However these schemes would be subject to vetting and clearance by the Planning and Development Division as well as Finance Division, a spokesman of the local administration said.Director Development/Finance ICTA, Rana Akbar Hayat briefed the participants about each scheme. Having discussed the technical details of the schemes, the chiefs of Planning and Development Division and Finance Division asked the ICTA to incorporate the specifications of streets pavement, their width and length in their PC-1 and also rationalise the cost of certain schemes relating to agriculture and local government.

Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Tariq Mahmood Pirzada directed the heads of relevant departments of the administration to incorporate the requisite details in the PC-1, as observed by the divisions concerned.

The approved street pavement schemes of 12 union council include pavement of streets for Union Councils (UCs) of Koral, Sihala, Rawat, Sohan, Tarlai, Kirpa, Chirah, Tumair, Shah Allah Ditta, Bhara Kahu, Phulgran and UC Kuri with estimated cost Rs 30.200 million, Rs 37.757 million, Rs 19.500 million, Rs10 million, Rs 19.300 million, Rs 7.500 million, Rs 9.387 million, Rs 5 million, Rs 6.500 million, Rs 7.500 million, Rs 32 million and Rs 15 million respectively.

The Islamabad Development Working Party also considered the PC-I of 10 other uplift schemes for the rural areas of Islamabad and gave their approval which would again be subject to vetting and clearance by the Planning and Development Division and Finance Division as well. ICTA has been asked to rationalize the cost of certain agriculture schemes

Development schemes include construction of link road Bain Nullah Plai at estimated cost Rs 21.357 million, development of rain fed agriculture scheme in ICT with estimated cost Rs 56.147 million, augmentation of irrigation water scheme in ICT with estimated cost Rs 53.175 million, rehabilitation of water supply scheme at Shah Allah Ditta having estimated cost Rs. 47.500 million, street pavements at Mohalla Usmania; Dhok Awan, Mohallah Abbasia; Sara-i-Kharbuza having estimated cost Rs. 32.371 million and construction of P.C.C streets at villages Dhok Abbasi, Golra Sharif, Dhok Ramzanian, Sundarmar, Noon, Bhadana, Sungjani and Shams Colony with estimated cost of Rs 50 million respectively. The other schemes are computerization of registration branch of Registrar/ DC’s office, ICT under the Documentation Registration Management System with estimated cost Rs 8.095 million, enhancement of agricultural production through installation of water conveyance network in ICT with estimated cost Rs. 56.530 million and construction of pre-cost boundary wall of model prison plot in Islamabad with estimated cost Rs 15.344 million.