Residents for head-bridge over expressway

ISLAMABAD – Non-existence of head-bridge over Gangaal stop is creating problems for residents and causing accidents.  The residents of Gangal East and Gangal West complained that non-existence of head bridge over Qedeemi stop near Khanna pull on express high way is causing traffic accidents.  Residents told that High-speed vehicles cause sever accidents at Express Highway near Khana pull at Qadeemi Stop.

, in this connection population of both sides of the road are compelled to cross Express Highway directly because of the absence of overhead bridge in the area.

Highly populated area of Gangal East and Gangal West on both sides of Expressway compelled to cross the road directly for different activities.

Residents of the area demanded from CDA to take urgent notice of it and construct Head Bridge over Qadeemi bus Stop so that lives of people could be saved from accidents.Source: