Illegal constructions go unchecked

islamabad-rawalpindi freeway

islamabad-rawalpindi freeway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RAWALPINDI  – Rampant illegal constructions on New Morgah Road, Adiala Road, High Court Road and in other areas in the jurisdictions of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) go unchecked, as the concerned authority did nothing more than sending notices to the owners.According to sources, some officials of RDA admit that they could not take any practical action against the constructions without building plans and other illegal buildings due to political pressure. The citizens, talking to INP said that if the RDA officials could take any action due to political pressure or any other reason against the illegal constructions, they must not receive their salaries too from the authority. They said that if an authority was formed just to act against and regulate illegal constructions and its employees were not fulfilling the purpose, an inquiry should be conducted into the matter.Source: