CDA digs up roads and leaves them like that

ISLAMABAD – The AK Fazal-ul-Haq Road has been caved in because of rushed and careless work carried out by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in front of the Poly Clinic and Huma Plaza in the Blue Area. CDA workers had dug the road to fix a water pipeline leakage two weeks ago. They repaired the water supply pipe to Sector G-6 and the Federal Government Services Hospital, but did not reconstruct the road they had torn up. The massive cave in has added problems for ambulances who have to cover extra distance to reach the hospital. It has also affected the Shaheed-e-Millat Road underpass and has become a swamp full of rain water and garbage.
Muhammad Nazeer, a vendor, said, “It has gotten smelly and dirty because of the garbage and water mix, many people come here to dump their garbage.” If the CDA does not reconstruct this road the cave in will pose a health hazards for patients in the hospital, he said.Source: