Construction banned in G-15/3, G-14

ISLAMABAD  – Sub-divisional magistrate (Sadr) Islamabad has banned any kind of construction within the limits of sub-sectors G-14/1, 2 and 3 and G-15/3 Islamabad for a period of two months. Under the ban, concreted and earthen constructions and transportation i.e. loading and unloading of construction material within the limits of sub-sectors G-14/1,2,3 and G-15/3 has been restricted for a of two months with immediate effect under section 144.

The order further stated that land in the sub-sectors G-14/1,2,3 and G-15/3 has been acquired for the development of housing scheme of Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation and some people were constructing houses in the said sub-sectors so as to increase compensation of built up property which is against the law.

The Sub divisional magistrate said that implementation on the order will be ensured and strict legal action against the violators will also be taken.Source: