Closure of Rehmanabad Chowk irks citizens

RAWALPINDI – Closure of Rehmanabad Chowk as part of 6th Road flyover project has multiplied the miseries of common man and particularly students’ community.

The closure of this Chowk on the pretext of construction of 6th road fly over has caused enormous embarrassment to pedestrians like us as we have no bikes and cars to proceed to our offices and shopping centers where we are working in various capacities ranging from workers, sales men and lower staff, said a group of employees of shopping plazas and other business centers while standing on Rehman Abad chowk.

“We have now to tread a long distance to reach our duty destinations located in commercial market. This way we have to suffer heavily in terms of time as we have to open our shops early in the morning,” they added.

“We are studying in the schools and colleges functioning in the locality of commercial market. Ahead of construction of fly over we used to reach our schools in time by crossing the road at Rehman Abad chowk but now it takes us half an hour more to join our classes as we have to cover a long distance on Murree road due to closure of Rehman Abad chowk, said a group of students.

The citizens have demanded of the concerned authorities to immediately open Rehman Abad chowk otherwise they will be forced to hold protest demonstrations.Source: