LDA demolishes infrastructure of three housing schemes near Ferozepur Road

LAHORE – In the on-going drive against illegal housing schemes in the city, Metropolitan Planning Wing of Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on Tuesday demolished the entrance gates and boundary walls of three housing schemes near Ferozepur Road. The LDA staff demolished the gate, boundary wall and sewerage system of Ali Homes situated near Nigar railway crossing on Katcha Road.

Two gates and the boundary wall of Subhan Gardens, situated in old Kahna, were also demolished. Boundary wall, road and sewerage system of Akhterabad Housing Scheme, located in old Kahna, was also demolished by the LDA staff during this operation. According to LDA officials, the action was taken for the awareness of the general public so that they do not purchase any plot in the illegally constructed housing schemes.

LDA has advised the people to ascertain the legal status of a housing scheme or a plot therein before making any transaction in this regard.Source: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2013/01/09/city/lahore/lda-demolishes-infrastructure-of-three-housing-schemes-near-ferozepur-road/