CDA fails to improve poor condition of roads

The condition of many main and sectoral roads is deteriorating day by day, as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) making an excuse of meagre financial resources is finding it difficult to maintain and repair the existing roads network in the federal capital.

The authority’s engineering wing carries out patch work from time to time in different parts of Islamabad but it is not sufficient to improve condition of roads, which had been deteriorated before completion of their life.

One of glaring examples of worst roads is I J Principal Road which is the main link for residents of Rawalpindi city and Rawalpindi cantonment to reach their work places in Islamabad.

Not only that the condition of I J Principal Road is poor, the three-lane road is also not enough to cater to increasing load of traffic on it. The traffic jam on I J Principal Road particularly during peak hours and night times has become a routine matter.

Since construction of I J Principal Road about nine years back, the CDA engineering wing had also not taken any step for maintenance of the service road of Sectors I-9 and I-10, which could have eased flow of traffic on the I J Principal Road.

The CDA sources said that in view of financial condition of the civic body, there is no chance of improvement in condition of I J Principal or its expansion with addition of fourth lane to the road.

The sectoral roads of Sectors I-9, I-10 and the various streets of Sectors G-9 and G-10 are also glaring examples of negligence on the part of CDA.

“The CDA people do not consider us as part and parcel of the federal capital and that is why they do not pay heed to our problems,” Muhammad Idrees, a resident of Sector I-9/4 said.

CDA Member Engineering Sanaullah Aman, when called on his mobile, was not available to comment on his future plans for maintenance of roads in Islamabad. However, an official said that on invitation of residents of Sector I-10, the member engineering visited the area about two weeks back and promised to resolve all their problems.Source: