LDA’s refusal to develop a park

LAHORE: We, the residents of Johar Town, had bought plots next to a massive amenity plot meant for a park, as outlined in the Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) master plan. Now that the whole area has been developed and become inhabited, there is still no sign of the park being built. We contacted the director general of the LDA who told us that this concerned a case pending with the Lahore High Court and that we should wait — so we did that.

The Court told the Authority to make the needed payments to settle the dispute so that the amenity plot land could be used accordingly. The LDA approached the Supreme Court (writ petition No 11293/07) but eventually withdrew it in July 2011, saying that it would act on the direction given earlier by the LHC.

Now it is almost a year and a half later and the LDA has yet to comply and develop the amenity plot into a park. Meanwhile, the land has become an open landfill, used by the area’s residents for their household garbage and waste. Are we to think that Grade 18 officers of the Punjab government are so powerful that they will openly defy a clear directive given by the Lahore High Court?

Syed Amjad Ali

Published in The Express Tribune, January 1st, 2013.

Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/487002/ldas-refusal-to-develop-a-park/