Capital roads in need of repair

ISLAMABAD, Dec 30: Several roads were damaged as a result of the recent spell of winter rains in the Federal Capital, highlighting the urgent need for repair work by the concerned department of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The road from NDC to 7-Up Chowk has deteriorated due to the heavy traffic plying the route and rains have further damaged spots, which were already in need of repair. The entire road, especially near the Islamabad Railway Station and I-10/3 industrial area, is in very bad shape and several accidents have been reported, said Talha Nadeem, a motorist who lives in I-10/2 Sector and uses the road for commuting to his office, in Blue Area.

He said that during the rains, the road turns into a pond and the drivers cannot spot the big holes in the roads and as a result vehicles get damaged.

Similarly, link road from Sabzi Mandi to NDC has also been damaged for a kilometre long strip and requires urgent maintenance.

A taxi driver informed that there are big holes in the centre of the road in front of H-9 College and said the concerned authorities are not interested in the rehabilitation of this road, which is being used by a large number of public and private transport vehicles.

He pointed out that the portion of Kashmir Road between Peshawar Mor to G-10 also needs repairing.

When contacted, an official of the concerned department of CDA informed that the maintenance of all the roads is being carried out on a regular basis. The repair and maintenance work of all the roads needing repair would also be completed as early as possible.—APPSource: