Land revenue record missing

RAWALPINDI  – Land Revenue Department Rawalpindi could not find the land record of 32 patwar circles of rural and city areas for computerization.

Officials of the department informed that Naib Tehsildars Ghulam Abbas and Tehsildar Malik Nawaz Khan are responsible for providing the land revenue record. Land record of Rawalpindi One and Basali circles is still missing, while the record of the circles of revenue officers Malik Shoaib and Khalid Kamal, and Tehsildar Malik Nawaz Zaman has been forwarded for computerization.

According to land revenue department officials, the biggest hurdle in the computerization of the land revenue data is non-availability of complete data, as all the manual records of the department were stored in very bad condition. Moreover, it is also alleged that some influential people in the department are hindering the computerization of the records as the chances of corruption would become near to nil this way.Source: