Plan to name chowk after Bhagat Singh dropped

LAHORE .: The Dilkash Lahore Committee has apparently dropped the idea of renaming Shadman Chowk after freedom fighter Bhagat Singh in the face of opposition from rightwing religious groups and decided to instead rename it after poet Habib Jalib.

A press release issued on Wednesday night after a meeting of the committee said that it had recommended the following changes to the provincial government: Shadman Chowk be renamed after Habib Jalib, Bekhewal Chowk after Waris Mir, the Model Town Park roundabout after Hafeez Jullundhri, Hafeez Centre Chowk after Masood Khadarpoosh, Old Club Road after Hashim Khan, GC Chowk after Professor Ashfaq Ahmad, Kucheri Chowk after Professor Nazir, the GT Road Interchange after Sher Shah Suri and the DHA Interchange after Sir Justice Mian Abdul Rasheed.

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Noorul Amin Mengal had earlier said that Shadman Chowk would be renamed after Bhagat Singh, the freedom fighter hanged at the spot almost a century ago, to acknowledge his struggle against British rule. The move drew opposition from the Tehreeki-Hurmat-i-Rasool, which challenged the move in the Lahore High Court. At the last hearing on November 30, the court had extended a stay order on the renaming of the chowk after Bhagat Singh.

The DCO told the committee on Wednesday that the suggested name changes had been advertised in the press. The press release from the city government did not mention the earlier plan to rename the chowk after Bhagat Singh.Source: