Building code must as capital falls on edge of fault zone

It is the responsibility of the concerned authorities to ensure implementation of building code in the federal capital, but people on their own should also take extreme care while constructing houses or buildings as Islamabad is on the south margin and leading edge of the Hazara fault zone.

The record showed that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) introduced the building code after devastating 2005 earthquake and special cell has been constituted to keep a check on new construction activities in the city. “People should realise the gravity of the situation and follow the building code that has been developed with the help of local and international experts,” an official said.

A research report stated that this zone consists of an arc of thrusted and folded rocks about 25 kilometres wide and 150 kilometres long that is convex to the south and extends west-south-westward away from the Himalayan syntaxes. “More than 20 individual thrust sheets have been identified across 25-kilometre-wide zone north of Islamabad. Some of the thrust faults are slightly oblique to the front of Margalla Hills,” the report said.The report said the extensions of these faults are prominent north of Fetehjang, 25 kilometres west of Rawalpindi, where they form the south margin of the Kala Chitta Range, which is an extension of the structural pattern of Margalla Hills.