CDA balloting to be monitored


Learning lessons from embarrassments brought by the dubious balloting of plots in the past, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally formulated new standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure transparency by inviting corruption watchdogs to monitor the process, besides using the latest technologies.

In its recent meetings, the CDA Board has approved the new SOPs introducing various corrective and preventive measures to make transparent the process of balloting for plots, Haj and others.

According to the new SOPs, the organizations like Transparency International, National Accountability Bureau and Federal Investigation Agency will be invitedalong with other stakeholders and media to ensure transparency in the process. A video recording of the whole balloting process will be arranged to make it part of the official record.

Nomination and intimation of representative will be made to coordinate balloting activities with the IT Directorate of the authority at least two weeks prior to balloting date and that the balloting information will be published in newspapers and CDA website one week prior to balloting date.Source: