MBS track not so ‘dedicated’ corridor

LAHORE, Nov 30: Construction work on the left side of Ferozerpur Road (from under-construction Model Town underpass to Kalma Chowk) has forced the authorities concerned to divert the motorists onto the dedicated Metro Bus System corridor.

As the practice is continuing for the last couple of days, the authorities seem to have no option but to allow motorists to bypass the under-construction road stretch by using the MBS corridor meant for the operation of articulated vehicles.

According to Lahore Development Authority director general, the corridor had the capacity to bear the ordinary traffic load, as it had been constructed for running heavy buses.

“The track has been constructed according to international standards and it can even be used for running trains, in case we desire so, by laying rail track on it,” DG Ahad Cheema told Dawn when asked whether allowing traffic could damage the corridor.

He said the officials concerned had been advised to ease the traffic flow passing through that particular road stretch whether through diverting the vehicles onto the dedicated bus track or some other way.
About progress related to construction of bus station on the 27km-long MBS route from Gajumatta to Shahdra, Cheema said the Traffic Engineering and Planning Authority (Tepa) officials had almost got completed the construction work on 18 of the total 27 stations on various points of the of the route, except on over 8.6km-long under-construction overhead bridge.

“We are scheduled to start work on the remaining nine stations on this flyover (from Muslim Town Mor to Texali) from Saturday (today), as the officials have completed all necessary arrangements in this regard on Friday,” he explained.

He said the passengers would have access to bus stations on the flyover through special automated elevators.

About completion time, he said as the work on the project was underway round the clock, the LDA and Tepa administrations as well as the provincial government were hoping to make the MBS operational as soon as possible.

Source: http://dawn.com/2012/12/01/mbs-track-not-so-dedicated-corridor/