Slow construction of Pir Wadhai flyover irks citizens

RAWALPINDI: Slow construction work on Pir Wadhai flyover has piled up woes for residents of the area.

Lease of the shops, petrol pumps and workshops operating around the flyover was terminated to ensure completion of work on a fast-track basis.
Orders were also issued for demolition of these installations but they are still functioning therein impeding the construction work of flyover.

This is an ideal project launched by the Punjab government for the convenience of the common man. It will cost Rs 14 million and is to be completed within 150 days.

But it seems the project will not be completed within stipulated period due to certain bottlenecks and irritants.

Inordinate delay in completion of work has driven residents of vicinities close to flyover to a perpetual state of anguish as they have to bear the brunt of respiratory diseases caused by dust the project site. Residents have called for early completion of construction work of flyover to allay their problems. onlineSource:\11\28\story_28-11-2012_pg11_6