CDA yet to retrieve land

ISLAMABAD – There are only briefings, discussions, decisions and directives but there is nothing concrete on ground. That is all, when it comes to much-neglected development of Park Enclave – a posh housing society inaugurated by the former Premier Yousuf Raza Gilani on July 5, 2011 and is supposed to complete through February 2013.

One can imagine the level of responsibility the city managers – who are taken as responsible for providing better housing facilities to the residents of the federal capital – feel that only three months are left to meet their own selected deadline but so far the Authority even could not succeed to make the proposed colony site free of encroachments.

The situation has furthered the reservations of investors and overseas Pakistanis, who have already refused to pay instalments of plots anymore until visible development on the site.And now – in continuation of traditional dillydallying tactics – CDA Board has decided to seek once again one-time waiver from the Prime Minister of Pakistan to hire consultant firm, the Nespak, on single tender basis.

“CDA Member Engineering would apprise the Chairman CDA about the pros and cons of the options (hiring of Nespak on single tender basis) recommended, so that the same can be discussed with Secretary Cabinet and Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister before formal submission of the case to the Office of the Prime Minister,” says the Board decision.However, several weeks are lapsed but so far Member Engineering is waiting for appropriate time to give a presentation, as was recommended by the Board, to Chairman CDA.

Earlier the Cabinet Division has turned down a request of the Capital Development Authority where the city managers have sought legal cover for unlawful process they adopted to hire Nespak as consultant firm for Park Enclave, on single tender basis.

The Nespak was hired by the Authority when it had kicked off the project in 2011 on design and build basis.

Furthermore, the Board has also directed Member (Engineering) to study a similar project initiated / started by Bahria Enclave and make a case study whereby comparing both the projects i.e. initiated by CDA and Bahria Town, pointing out best practices.