LHC stays naming square after Bhagat Singh

LAHORE – The Lahore High Court on Friday barred city district government from notifying the renaming of Chaudhry Rehmat Ali Chowk as Bhagat Singh Chowk.

Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh issued the interim order on a petition moved by Zahid Butt, President of Anjman-e-Tajraan, Shadman Market Lahore, on behalf of Tehrik Hurmat-e-Rasool.

The petitioner told the court that the city district government had referred the matter of renaming the Ch Rehmat Ali Chowk commonly known as Fawara Chowk to the Dilkash Lahore, a committee set up to revitalise and beautify provincial capital and to finalize new names for squares, roads and intersections after assessing their historical significant before the creation of country.

The committee, headed by former judge of Supreme Court Khalilur Rehman Ramday, asked authorities to notify Bhagat Singh Chowk as the new name of the roundabout without any further delay, the petitioner pointed out. The petitioner added that the name of the Chowk was unanimously decided as Ch Rehmat Ali Chowk who was not only the founder of the name of Pakistan but also was a founder activist of the Pakistan Movement. Continue reading

CDA foils bid to occupy land in Sector G-9/1


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Administration foiled another attempt from the dwellers of the ‘Maira Badi’ to occupy a piece of land along a nullah in Sector G-9/1.

A large number of families belonging to the Christian community previously had attempted to take over a big area in Sector G-9/4 after cutting a number of trees of the jungle while taking cover of the ‘Rimsha incident’, a few months back. However, they were removed from the area following strong protest lodged by residents of the sector.

This time again the residents of the Sector G-9/1 across the same nullah noticed activities of a large of number people, finding them cutting trees to start raising their slum houses there. “They have cut down a large number of trees and bushes from the area and are trying to occupy the place,” Muhammad Naseer, a resident of the sector said.

“We have removed the people busy in clearing the area from trees on Thursday with the assistance of the Islamabad Administration and will not allow to occupy the place illegally,” said CDA Deputy Director (Enforcement) Malik Attaullah.

Around 200 members of the Christian community including men and women staged daylong sit in front of the CDA Headquarters. The sit-in continued till late Friday evening, but they could not meet any senior official of the civic body.

A senior official of the Islamabad Police when contacted by ‘The News’ said the members of the Christian community were facing no threats at ‘Maira Badi’ and they were using ‘Rimsha incident’ as a cover to set up their permanent dwelling in the heart of city. Continue reading