IHC dissatisfied with CDA action on encroachments

ISLAMABAD: In compliance with the orders of the Islamabad High Court (IHC), the Capital Development Authority (CDA) here on Tuesday submitted a report of 59 operations conducted against the encroachers in the federal capital. The court expressed its dissatisfaction over that.

On the last date of hearing, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of the IHC had directed the CDA to indiscriminately conduct an operation against the encroachers in the federal capital.The IHC judge formed a commission under the chairmanship of IHC assistant registrar resident Muhammad Shafiqur Rehman to verify claims of the CDA.

The IHC judge while hearing the matter observed that the authority could not do away with the court directions by producing pictures while lifting few bricks and removing plastic chairs.

The court further observed that if the commission does not verify the CDA claims, then contempt of court proceedings will be initiated against the CDA officials and also under the criminal procedure code.

The court was hearing the petition of advocate Jehangir Khan Jadoon against encroachments in Islamabad.

With regard to the kiosk that had been previously allotted to Khalid Malik and later it was transferred to some other person’s name. The CDA, on this date of hearing also could not produce the CNIC copy of the new allottee as per directions of the IHC bench. A CDA deputy director of municipal administration Hassan Rizvi told the court that the CNIC copy was not found in the record. The deputy director that allotted the said kiosk has died, he also told the court. Hassan Rizvi told the court that the allottee is the wife of Khalid Malik. The said kiosk was allotted at Shalimar Park F-7/3.

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Funding woes: CDA finds itself without funds to pay its share in Bari Imam project


For four years, the Bari Imam Complex project has lingered on. Now, with more than half of the work for the first phase complete and money released for the remaining first phase work, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has found itself in a new fix.

It might not be able to provide its share for the second phase of the project.

According to a 2011 directive issued by former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and CDA must share the cost of the project’s second phase, which is estimated to be Rs478 million. That is a massive Rs239 million liability for the cash-strapped CDA.

Gillani issued the directive during a meeting about the project in October last year, according to Ayaz Khan, the CDA’s director for the Bari Imam Complex project. Continue reading

‘Bahria Town did encroach 1,200 kanals’

The revelation was made by a CDA counsel during the hearing of a public interest litigation filed by Barrister Jahangir Khan Jadoon in May this year.

The petition sought removal of encroachments from both residential and commercial areas of the capital city.

On Tuesday, Barrister Jadoon filed another application against encroachments made by Bahria Town on the 1,200 kanals owned by the CDA where the housing society is developing its Bahria Enclave.

The petitioner said the society had sold a large piece of encroached land to different people.

He expressed apprehension that in connivance with the CDA officials, it would forge the original land record.

The Bahria Enclave project was launched on July 7, 2011, a day after the CDA inaugurated its Park Enclave in the same area. The prices of plots at Bahria Town’s housing project were Rs6.2 million per kanal whereas the CDA was selling one kanal at Rs12 million. Continue reading

Riaz expresses lack of trust on Suddle Commission

Islamabad—Malik Riaz former chief executive of Bahria Town says he does not accept Shoaib Saddal Commission nor does he expect any justice from this commission.

He said this while talking to media men after appearing before the commission Tuesday. He said, he had been facing such inquiries for the last 16 years.

Justice should be equal for every one, he stressed. “Arsalan Iftikhar should be treated during the course of administration of justice the way a common man is treated”, he added.

He went on to say that Arsalan Iftikhar be not given VIP treatment as he is Don. Deal is being struck for extension in the service of Arsalan Iftikhar, he said adding “we don’t accept it.

Responding to a question he said his passport had not been demanded and if it was sought then “I” will be ready to hand it over to the court rather than Shoaib Saddal Commission.

Earlier talking to journalists before his appearance in the commission, Malik Riaz said he was going to tell the commission that he does not recognize it nor does he accept it.

“I repose trust on only in a commission which holds across the board accountability,” he said.

Zahid Bokhari, counsel for Malik Riaz said “we have challenged constitutional position of the commission in supreme court as this commission had completed its constitutional term on October, 5.

“We have been saying and still say that Shoaib Saddal has family relationship with Arsalan Iftikhar and we can not expect justice from him and nor can he conduct independent inquiry, he remarked. —Online Continue reading

Malik Riaz not hopeful of justice from Suddle Commission

KARACHI: Former chief of Bahria Town Malik Riaz on Tuesday expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the Shoaib Suddle commission, saying he did not expect justice from it, DawnNews reported.

Speaking to media representatives after submitting a written statement, the b

Bahria Town

Bahria Town (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

usiness tycoon said that he did not accept the commission.

Riaz said that the commission had not yet asked him to submit his passport. He said that if the commission has asked him to do so, he would have submitted it.

Moreover, he said that former generals were investigated by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Zahid Bukhari, Malik Riaz’s lawyer, said that he had expressed concerns to the commission about not getting justice. He added that the commission’s duration ended on Oct 5 and therefore, the commission had no legal status any longer.

Bukhari added that commission had done work that it was not authorised for. No commission could be an autonomous organisation or court, he said.

He also said that the commission’s members were relatives of Arsalan Iftikhar’s family; therefore there were no expectations of justice from the commission. Continue reading