Neglected Lehtrar-Burj Road in a shambles

RAWALPIDNI – The 12 kilometres long Lehtrar-Burj Road is in a very deplorable state due to the negligence of legislators of ruling party in the province.

The poor condition of the road, that located in the constituency of PML-N MNA Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has irked the villagers who have complained about the immense hardships they have to got through on account of the bad condition of the road. The road that links main Lehtrar Road with several villages including Phangal, Kamkot Haider, Biaga, Sangroian, Kanwas, Dhoongian and Burj population has broken completely and even big holes could be seen which pose not only a serious threat to the vehicles but also to the lives of commuters. Since long it has not been renovated by the authorities concerned.

According to a survey conducted by this scribe on Wednesday, the road from Lahtrar Morr to Burj presented an ugly look as it has been deteriorated and turned into pieces. On many places, there was land sliding thus posing danger for the villagers living in deep ravines along with the road.

Expressing their deep concerns while talking to this scribe, the villagers said that the pathetic condition of the road has brought about endless miseries to them.

While alleging negligence on part of the concerned authorities in repairing the road, the residents alleged that the said road has not been not repaired for last many years.

“The condition of the entire road especially near Kamkot Haider and Sangroian is very bad and several vehicles have met with the accidents,” said Akhter Kiyani, a resident of Sangroian village.

He said that because of land sliding the drivers cannot spot the big holes in the roads and as a result they damage their vehicles or some time their vehicles turn turtle in deep ravines.

Waqas Ahmed, another villager, said that road has been broken and requires carpeting.

A taxi driver informed that there was land sliding near Kamkot Haider and said the concerned authorities were not interested in the rehabilitation of the road which was being used by thousands of people.

He also pointed out that the portion of road from Lehtrar Morr to Doongian needed urgent repairing. He urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter and repair the road helping the road users for a safe journey.

Similarly, the transporters on Lehtrar-Burj Road complained that road has been broken and causing immense loss to their newly bought vehicles. Khan Nawab, a driver, said that ditches and cracks on the road were hampering the smooth traffic flow. The condition of the road was very poor as the fractured road was causing road accidents at large scale.The transporters said that they had complained to PML-N local leaders several times but to no avail. The transporters have demanded of the higher authorities to re-carpet and reconstruct the road on priority basis.

PML-N MNA Shahid Khaqan Abbasi could not be approached for his comments on the issue