Dec 15 deadline set for completion of development projects in Pindi

RAWALPINDI, Nov 5: The city district administration has set December 15 as deadline for completion of all development projects in the garrison city.

The deadline was set after lawmakers, belonging to Rawalpindi, raised concerns over delay in the projects’ completion at a meeting held on Monday.

In their complaints to Commissioner Rawalpindi Imdadullah Bosal and DCO Saqib Zaffar, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lawmakers said despite release of funds to relevant agencies the projects had not seen the light of day.

An official of the city government informed the meeting that none of the 179 development schemes under the Rs680 million package had been completed.

DCO Saqib Zaffar directed the officials concerned to complete small projects within 15 days and set a deadline of December 15 for completion of all mega projects including Sixth Road flyover and Pirwadhai Underpass.

“The contractors should be penalised and government officials suspended for failing to meet the target. Ultimately the lawmakers are answerable to people for utilisation of funds. We cannot accept any further delay in completion of projects,” MNA Shakil Awan told Dawn on Monday.

“Delay in completion of projects was an injustice to the citizens,” he added.

However, the meeting vowed to direct all contractors and firms to complete the projects by December 15 and any delay would result in imposition of heavy penalty and fine.

Commissioner Bosal on the occasion said the Higher Education Commission (HEC) would soon release funds for the three degree colleges being constructed in the city, adding that the district administration was in contact with the commission in this regard.

He said that all 179 projects would be successfully undertaken and completed within the stipulated time.Source: