CDA upgrades website to make it more people-friendly

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Wednesday decided to upgrade its website to make it more people-friendly. All the relevant information, including the CDA Board decisions, relevant rules, procedures and bylaws would be posted on the website to facilitate the public and boost the authority’s efforts for enhancing the level of transparency.

CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz, while presiding over a meeting and presentation on the new version of the website, said, “Our foremost priority is to facilitate the public, residents of Islamabad and people interacting with the authority.

All-out measures will be taken to this respect, including improvement in public information delivery system.”

Tahir was apprised that the upgraded website would provide the facility to the residents and consumers to see bills for the water charges and property tax on the website and get the prints of these bills without any hassle of going to the relevant CDA offices. He directed the authority’s Information Technology Director to get the input of all the board members in a week for further improving the website and public information delivery system.

He said that all the public notices, news, releases and the announcement relating to the public should be posted on the CDA website.

He said that the detail procedures about plot transfer, building plans, layout plans, fire safety and prevention regulations, building codes and other information relating to the public should be provided for information and reference.

The CDA chairman said that the feedback of the public is mandatory to involve them in the decision making process and in the development of the city.
He said that the public should not face any problem in getting the information and all the relevant procedures must be updated in case of any change.

He said that user friendly website and public information system would facilitate the authority to effectively overcome its short comings and help redress the grievances to the satisfaction of the residents.