Residents erase encroachments from CDA land in G-8

ISLAMABAD – The residents of Sector G-8/1 have erased the encroachments and camps from the CDA land allocated for the construction of a park and set the objects on fire.

The families living in the camps protested against the Capital Development Authority and police for being silent spectator in the whole issue. Residents of the area and the persons residing in the camps were of the view that if the police and the federal capital administration did not take timely action, the clash could culminate into untoward consequences.

Speaking about the encroachments on the land specified for a park in Sector G-8/1, district president of the PPP minorities wing, Parveen Akhtar said that the CDA had been provided a list of 900 homeless families and the civic authority had vowed to provide land to them in different sectors.

She further said that the families had camped in Sector G-8/1 with the permission of the CDA and they were planning to construct huts there soon but resident of the sector erased and burnt the camps. The police did not turn up for two hours to help the families residing in the camps, she added.

On the other hand, Muhammad Anwar, a high court advocate and resident of the area, protesting the encroachments said that the sector already had four katchi abadis (slums) and majority of the residents of the slums were involved in drug and arm dealing. Some people were exploiting the name of PPP and using the families belonging to minority groups to grab land, he said. Dozens of letters have been sent to the deputy commissioner, chairman CDA and other high-ups of the federal capital administration in this regard but no action has yet been taken by any authority.

An official of the CDA said that the civic authority did not permit any body to camp or construct house in Sector G-8/1, while some resolutions of the issue were under consideration. Continue reading

Tree felling for Kalma Chowk underpass

LAHORE, Nov 29: The Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (Tepa) started on Thursday felling of trees in order to initiate digging work for the construction of Kalma Chowk underpass.

Work was launched at a stretch of around 200 to 300 metres on city’s beautiful 3-km greenbelt situated in the middle of Gulberg’s main boulevard (from Kalma Chowk to Siddique Trade Centre).

As the portion was required for about 800-metre long underpass, the officials have already dismantled the entire greenbelts in centre and right/left of the road, leading to Kalma Chowk from Barkat Market intersection.

“It is not the way to gradually end the natural beauty of the city in the name of launching development projects. It is not a good planning as the government should launch the projects without damaging landscape of the city,” Prof Ejaz Anwar, an expert on urban issues, said while talking to Dawn. Continue reading

Slow construction of Pir Wadhai flyover irks citizens

RAWALPINDI: Slow construction work on Pir Wadhai flyover has piled up woes for residents of the area.

Lease of the shops, petrol pumps and workshops operating around the flyover was terminated to ensure completion of work on a fast-track basis.
Orders were also issued for demolition of these installations but they are still functioning therein impeding the construction work of flyover.

This is an ideal project launched by the Punjab government for the convenience of the common man. It will cost Rs 14 million and is to be completed within 150 days.

But it seems the project will not be completed within stipulated period due to certain bottlenecks and irritants.

Inordinate delay in completion of work has driven residents of vicinities close to flyover to a perpetual state of anguish as they have to bear the brunt of respiratory diseases caused by dust the project site. Residents have called for early completion of construction work of flyover to allay their problems. online Continue reading

Work on DHA projects to be accelerated

KARACHI – Defence Housing Authority Administrator Brig (r) Brig Muhammad Abdullah asked the DHA City Karachi consultants and engineers to complete the ongoing projects speedily with a holistic and integrated approach.Chairing a meeting with Steering Committee at DHA’s Main Office to review the progress of the ongoing development projects in DHA City Karachi’s (DCK), Super Highway, he said that the projects of construction of watch towers and DCK Main Entrance Gate should be given priority and completed at the earliest. He asked the DCK consultants and engineers to complete the ongoing projects speedily with a holistic and integrated approach.

DCK Project Director Brig (r) Muhammad Rafique appraised the Steering Committee about the progress of ongoing projects under Immediate Action Plan at DCK site. Some of these projects include construction of Boundary Wall and Track, Watch Towers, DCK Main Entrance Gate, Staff Accommodation, DCK Visitors Centre and DCK Central Facility Building etc.Feasibility study on renewable energy project, alternate water works and environmental impact assessment (EIA) were also going on while water exploration work in the area was being completed with success.

DCK Chief Consultant, Engineer Arif Osmani informed the Steering Committee that the projects under the Short Term Development Plan (STDP) which include construction of major roads, sector development works including internal roads, water supply, sewerage, storm water drainage, electricity and gas works would start soon and completed as per the stipulated time line to make the area livable in near future.DCK Chief Consultant Prof Spiro Pollalis said that the DCK was a sustainable project which was being developed to provide a unique lifestyle to its residents. He added that an international health care city and an international university would also be established at DCK. He reiterated that DCK would be developed as a fully sustainable city with a balanced economy and integrated society. Continue reading

Illegal constructions demolished

LAHORE: Lahore Development Authority during a special drive against land grabbers in various areas of city on Tuesday retrieved precious land worth tens of millions of rupees after demolishing a number of unlawful structures.

According to LDA officials, the Estate Management Directorate retrieved a plot measuring 19 kanlas in C Block of Johar Town from illegal occupants.

The plot had been earmarked as a public utility site for setting up a building for the benefit of the general public. The land grabbers had set up more than 40 concrete structures at the place which were razed during the operation.

Meanwhile, Town Planning Wing sealed a pizza shop on Main Boulevard Ghulshan-e-Ravi as the management of the shop had made addition to the existing premises without getting approval from LDA.

In another incident, LDA staff demolished a workshop as well as two shops in Revenue Employees Housing Society, Johar Town, as the structures had been illegally constructed by grabbing a plot.

LDA staff also demolished an illegal construction which had been established in the parking area of LDA Flats, Lawrence Road. (APP) Continue reading

CDA seals four agro farms in Orchard Scheme


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Tuesday sealed four agro farms in Orchard Scheme along Murree Road for violation of the CDA byelaws and non-confirming use.

The operation, conducted on directives of CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz, was supervised by Member Planning and Design Syed Mustafain Kazmi. CDA Magistrate Changez Khan and officials and personnel of the Enforcement and Building Control directorates participated in the operation.

Syed Mustafain Kazmi told ‘The News’ that the CDA had issued notices to all allottees and owners of the poultry and vegetable farms (Agro Farming Scheme) who had expanded covered areas beyond the allowed limits. In addition to this, some agro farms were under non-confirming use and holding different activities in violation of the CDA byelaws.

The CDA official said that in all around 1,350 notices have been served for non-conforming (mostly commercial use) of residential buildings, agro farms and other properties.

The agro farms sealed on Tuesday were being used for marriage ceremonies and musical nights in violation of the CDA rules and were also creating problems and nuisance for neighbours.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had taken notice of these violations and directed the CDA to act against the violators. Ihe civic body had issued notices to owners of these plots to ensure that the use of the plots should be strictly inline with the terms of allotment letters. They were also asked to bring back the covered area within approved limits by demolishing the excess area and to ensure the supply of vegetables and poultry to the local markets as per regulations of the CDA.

The CDA has warned the allottees of the agro farms that in case of non-compliance, all such violations would be proceeded under the prevailing rules and regulations. Some violators approached courts to get restraining orders. The CDA pursued cases and managed to get status quo orders of the court vacated and subsequently took action against violators and sealed four agro farms, including 42, 43, 44 and 44-A, for non-confirming use and violations. Continue reading

Progress on DHA City projects reviewed

KARACHI, Nov 27: A DHA City Karachi steering committee meeting on Tuesday reviewed progress on the ongoing development activities at the DCK site on the Superhighway.

An official said DCK project director Muhammad Rafique apprised the steering committee about the progress on the ongoing projects under the ‘immediate action plan’ at the DCK site.

The projects include the construction of a boundary wall, track, watchtowers, main entrance gate, staff accommodation, visitors centre and DCK central facility building.

A feasibility study on the renewable energy project, alternative water works and environmental impact assessment were also going on while water exploration work in the area was being completed. Continue reading

Kalma Chowk Underpass gets CM’s approval

LAHORE – A high-level meeting was held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif regarding Kalma Chowk Underpass Project during which the CM gave his approval for construction to be initiated immediately. Addressing the meeting, Shahbaz said for the first time in the history of the country, two underpasses of seven lanes will be constructed simultaneously. One underpass would be of three lanes, while the other would be of four lanes, costing over Rs. one billion, he said. Continue reading

CDA accepts 12 bids for residential, commercial plots

ISLAMABAD: The management board of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Thursday approved biddings for five residential plots and seven commercial plots. The biddings were received during the grand auction, held at Jinnah Convention Centre, on November 19 and 20.

The authority had arranged the two-day grand auction of residential, commercial plots, economy flats, filling stations and other plots of different sizes and categories in developed sectors of the federal capital.

Biddings were approved at a CDA board meeting, chaired by authority Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz.

The board also rejected eight bids as bidders had offered price lower than expected by CDA.

In residential plots category, the board accepted the bids of plot numbers 535, 536, 537, 538 and 556, all in Sector G10.

In commercial plots category, bids of seven plots, including plot no 2 and 3 meant for mid-rise economic apartments in Sector E11, Northern Strip, in Blue Area plot no 5 (falling between sectors F8/G8), plot B2 (F9/G9) and plot no B3 (F9/G9), plot no14 in Markaz D12 and plot no 20 in G11/3 (meant for economic flats) were accepted.

The CDA chairman appreciated the efforts of the auction committee for conducting successful bidding, and said that the authority would make all-out efforts for city development and provision of quality services to the residents of the federal capital.

Earlier, on the second of the grand auction, the authority had presented 10 commercial plots for bidding.

Of four plots offered for auction in the Blue Area, commercial centre, the plot no B-3, located between sectors F-9 and G-9 and measuring 1333.33 square yards, received the highest bid of Rs 360,000 per square yard.

Plot no 6 in Blue Area, located between sectors F-8 and G-8, received the lowest bid of Rs 287,000 per square yard.

The commercial plot no 15 Northern Strip E-11, measuring 2,184 square yards and allocated for filling station, received a bid of Rs 84,000 per square yard, plots no 2 and 3 of Northern Strip, measuring 4833.33 square yards and allocated for apartments, received the bid of Rs 58,000 and Rs 55,000 per square yard, respectively.

Plot number 6 of Blue Area F-8/G-8, measuring 2666.3 square yards, got the bid of Rs 313, 000 per square yard.

Plot no 14 Markaz D-12, measuring 1,600 square yards, had received the bid of Rs 136,000 per square yard whereas plot no 10 Markaz F-11, measuring 888.88 square yards, received the bid of Rs 286, 000 per square yard.
Continue reading

CDA okays bids for 7 commercial plots

ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board Thursday approved bids against seven commercial and five residential plots, while the Board also rejected bids against some seven residential and commercial plots terming them below the reserve price.

The bids were offered during the two days open auction of residential and commercial plots organized by the Authority.

The meeting of the CDA Board was presided over the Chairman CDA, Syed Tahir Shahbaz.  In residential category, the CDA Board accepted the bid of five (05) numbers of plots including Plot Nos. 535, 536, 537, 538 and 556 of Sector G-10.

While in commercial category, bids of seven (07) numbers of plots i.e. Plot No. 2 and 3 meant for mid rise economic apartments in Sector E-11, Northern Strip, in Blue Area Plot No.5 (F-8 / G-8), Plot B-2 (F-9 / G-9) and Plot No.B-3 (F-9 / G-9), Plot No.14, Markaz D-12, and Plot No.20 Sector G-11/3 (meant for Economic Flats) were accepted.  Continue reading