Illegal use of residential areas on the rise

RAWALPINDI  – The use of residential areas for commercial purposes is on the rise in the city, which is causing the government losses of millions of rupees.

Illegal paint factories, slaughterhouses and motor workshops are being commercially operated with the connivance of the authorities concerned in the residential areas, including Khayaban Sir Syed, Dhok Rata, Dhok Kala Khan and Committee Chowk. Since these commercial activities are taking place in residential areas ‘without the knowledge of authorities’, the TMA is just recovering income taxes at par with those charged to residents.

Annoyed by the stench caused by these illegal factories and other businesses, residents of the areas have protested against this illegal act.  They claimed that not even a single street in those residential areas was free from such factories and slaughterhouses.

The said that illegal motor workshops were also being run in the Dhok Elahi Bakhsh, Dhok Khabba, Sadiqabad, Cha Sultan, Muslim Town and Kuri Road areas.Source: