LDA demolishes three constructions

THE Staff of the Town Planning Wing of the Lahore Development Authority demolished three constructions that had been built in contravention of the building by-laws in Johar Town and Allama Iqbal Town on Wednesday.

The Lahore Development Authority staff demolished a boundary wall that had been constructed on plot No 1-A at block F-2 without getting the building plan sanctioned by the LDA.

The structure constructed by covering the excess area of the adjacent plot by the owners of plot No 422-J was also demolished. Illegally extended portion of Bajwa Clinic, situated on the plot No 356 of Kashmir Block, Allama Iqbal Town, on the neighboring plot was also razed, as neither the adjoining plot No 357 had been got commercialised nor had the building plan been got approved for by the LDA.

National Voters Day observed: The National Voters Day was observed on Wednesday in all three offices and six schools being run by the Lahore Development Authority.

Informative pamphlets for creating the awareness about the importance of casting vote were distributed among the LDA employees as well as general public. The LDA has also uploaded the relevant information on its website www.lda.gop.pk. Streamers and banners were displayed for highlighting the significance of taking part in the electoral process. Awareness walks were also held in three LDA Model Boys High Schools situated in Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town and Sabazar.

Source: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-5-138046-LDA-demolishes-three-constructions