Two five-star hotels illegally using CDA’s land

ISLAMABAD - Parliamentary Secretary for Cabinet Secretariat Khurram Jahangir Wattoo said that without permission of the Capital Development Authority, two prominent five star hotels were using land for parking-purposes. Wattoo said that CDA did not allow commercial use of green belts in the city.

The respective hotels only paid Rs 1.4 million annually to use several kanals of land owned by CDA, for parking.

Barjees Tahir of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz noted that by eliminating green belts, the natural beauty of Islamabad was being spoiled. Deputy Speaker Faisal Kareem Kundi observed that certain kiosks had been built on green belts in the city, to which Watto said that green belts in front of the hotels had been specified for parking facilities for citizens. He said that a five-star hotel was paying Rs 0.85 million annually to use the green belts.