CDA internal energy audit soon

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Tuesday decided to conduct an internal energy audit to ascertain the actual and mandatory electricity consumption and take measures to reduce its power bill, which is a major burden for the organisation, a senior official of the CDA said on Tuesday.

The authority, said the official, has also approved adaptation of energy conservation measures of the federal government to make the federal capital a model green city on account of energy efficiency.

“In this context, the CDA has announced to reduce the number of lights to 50 percent, discourage social functions in daytime, eliminate decoration lights, regularise and rationalise large billboards,” the official further said.Meanwhile, CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz and Member Environment Dr Kazim Niaz apprised the authority’s board regarding conservation and austerity measures discussed during a meeting chaired by Cabinet Secretary Nargis Sethi and adopted by the federal government for conservation of energy, water and other relevant commodities.

It has also been directed that a comprehensive awareness campaign on water and energy conservation would be launched in addition to taking the measures to review the building bylaws to help evolve a policy, which ensure energy efficient buildings in the capital city.

The CDA chairman directed to implement the decision of the federal government in letter and spirit and reiterated that CDA should be a model green city to this effect.

The CDA has also decided to ban the unauthorised use of airconditioners in the offices and initiate strict monitoring to control leakages and waste of water and use luminous paint on signboards and road markings to conserve precious resource.

The CDA chairman said that the electricity consumption on the streetlights and other uses would be monitored to help reduce the financial expenditures on this head.

Member finance apprised the board that the electricity consumption on account of streetlights is a major financial burden and suggested metering of the consumption on this account. The chairman directed for the immediate measures for reducing the electricity being used in eliminating the streetlights and other installations through efficient management.