Civic authority’s garbage disposal raises stink

View from Islamabad

View from Islamabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ISLAMABAD Islamabad’s litter collecting problems are not confined to paper cups thrown in streets or people tossing wrappers out of moving cars. The civic authority of the city Capital Development Authority (CDA) itself has been littering sectors after sectors.

After being forced by the local residents to shift the landfill site from Sector H-11, H-10 in 2010; G-11, G-10 in July 2011 and I-15 in December last year, the CDA has found another temporary site in Sector I-12 to openly dump municipal, including hazardous, waste.

The site was earlier shifted to Sector I-14 but moved out from there due to pressure from the residents as they had to live in stink.

Environmentalists in the Ministry of Climate Change worry that these activities carried out in ad hoc manners have unfavourable environmental and community health implications.

According to Farid Shah, the supervisor of the site, about 50 to 60 trucks dumped waste there after collecting them from homes and offices.

“Trucks and tractors start coming in 8.30am and keep dumping mounds of garbage until 3pm to 4pm,” said Shah, as he gestured to a garbage truck to reverse.

Worse than the awful stench that hangs over the land half the size of a sector but the hazardous material from factories unloaded openly.

The site, roughly seven to eight months old, is at the centre of settlements about 300 to 400m on all sides where stench spreads out over houses.Source: