Uplift schemes approved

THE Punjab government on Saturday approved a scheme at an estimated cost of Rs 3156.632 million for “Construction of Metro Bus Transit System for Lahore-Ferozepur Road Corridor, Erection of Escalators and Platform Screen Doors at MTS stations Package-IX (Revised)” on Saturday.

Five development schemes of various sectors were also approved at a cost of Rs 4459 million in the 15th meeting of Provincial Development Working Party of the current financial year, presided over by Punjab Planning and Development Board Chairman Javaid Aslam.

Punjab Planning and Development Secretary Arif Anwar Baloch, the Planning and Development Board members and other senior representatives of the relevant provincial departments also attended the meeting. The approved development schemes are: rehabilitation of Gujranwala-Hafizabad Road, Km number 6/20 to 48/00, length 41.80 Km, in districts of Gujranwala and Hafizabad (Revised) at a cost of Rs 1772 million; widening/improvement and construction of Qaziabad MM Road to Nawankot, length 33.07 Km, Layyah district (Revised), at a cost of Rs 403.399 million; widening/improvement of Khushab-Muzaffargarh Road (Section Jhang district boundary to Muzaffargarh), from Km number 207.72 to 291.00, length 83.82 Km, Muzaffargarh district (Revised), at a cost of Rs 2263.785 million; feasibility study and design review of construction of Lai Expressway at Rawalpindi (PC-II) at a cost of Rs.14.745 million and feasibility study, planning and design of waste water treatment plant at Awan Chowk, Gujranwala (PC-II) at a cost of Rs 5 million.