Commissioner ordered to ensure cleanliness of road affected by MBS

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered the Lahore commissioner to visit Shah Jamal Road to ensure cleaning of the area, which remains covered with dust due to construction of Bus Metro Service (MBS) project.

The court also directed the commissioner to appoint a deputy commissioner to devise a mechanism for the cleanliness of the area, and also sought a weekly report in this regard.

The court made the ruling on a petition seeking directions for the officials concerned to ensure cleanliness on Shah Jamal Road where traffic from Ferozepur Road is diverted due to the construction of MBS project. Amjad Ali Qasim, a citizen, had moved the petition. He said that construction work on the project has resulted in dust pollution on and around Shah Jamal Road.

He said that no effort has been made either by traffic police or by the city district government to work out any plan to regulate the flow of traffic. He said that no effort has also been made to deploy any official by the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) to remove heaps of dirt and dust from the area.

He said that due to lack of proper planning by the chief traffic officer and inefficiency of traffic wardens, residents of Shah Jamal area witness massive traffic jams on a regular basis, which also causes air pollution.

He also sought directions for the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a chemical analysis and other related tests to evaluate the presence of air pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide in the air. staff reportSource: