Maintenance contractors await funds release from CDA

ISLAMABAD - The contractors deployed for the construction and maintenance in the federal capital under CDA’s Assignments Accounts could not get payment of the bills from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) as an Accounts Officer of the civic authority, namely Muhammad Waseem has gone for Hajj.

According to sources in the CDA, Muhammad Waseem was the only authority to sign cheques for the release of funds from assignment accounts and as he is off-station now a days, the contractors could not get their money. No other official could sign the cheques till he is authorized for it by the civic authority, the source said.

A CDA official told INP that the civic authority administration authorized another official, namely Azeem-ul-Arfeen, to sign the cheques but the process of the authorization was so complicated and time consuming that the new authority’s sign did not reach the bank and the cheques could not be issued yet.

He further said that the CDA chairman had approved the new official’s authorization and the case had been forwarded to the cabinet secretary. After that it would be sent to Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) for approval, he said, adding that the signs of the new officials would be sent to the National Bank of Pakistan and the contractors would be able to get their funds.