438 colonies data computerised

LAHORE – The Board of Revenue (BOR) has computerised the land record of 438 colonies and 20 service centres have been set up for the purpose.

The Punjab government has introduced the Land Records Management and Information Systems (LRMIS).

The BOR spokesman in a statement issued on Thursday said that LRMIS project had been started for computerisation of land record of BOR for public facility to avoid exploitation by Patwaris.

Under this project, the spokesman added, development and deployment of LRMIS software for scanning, data entry, Fard issuance and mutations issuance had been completed.

The spokesman said that scanning of Register Haqdaran Zameen (RHZ) was being undertaken for record purpose. Later, the BOR staff would verify the record of RHZ.

Likewise, official counterfoil of mutation was being kept as record. The RHZ was updated till mutation after re-verification by BOR staff to avoid any mistake, added the spokesman.

The BOR spokesman said that computerization of record often come across problems due to unavailability/ missing of record, lethargic process in verification, but in order to overcome such difficulties/problems, Commissioner Lahore held fortnightly meetings with BOR officials which chalked out strategy to efficiently handle such affairs.

“The project may suffer in terms of performance due to any mistake or negligence by any department and it may earn distrust of the public. The BOR has urged all respective partners to play their vital role in execution of this project for the benefit of the public,” said the statement.Source: http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/lahore/05-Oct-2012/438-colonies-data-computerised