Thokar bus terminal ready for launch

LAHORE, Sept 26: The city district government is likely to make functional the newly-constructed modern bus terminal at Thokar Niaz Beg within the next 10 days as arrangements to run air-conditioned intercity buses from the new facility are complete.

The CDGL had launched the new terminal project worth Rs200 million six months ago to reduce burden of the intercity transport on various government and private bus stands near Babu Sabu, Yatim Khana and at Badami Bagh.

The terminal has various facilities, such as spacious air-conditioned waiting hall for passengers, separate ticketing counters and lavatories for male and female passengers, covered bus bays, departure announcement system, offices for the government officials concerned, tuck shops and rest area for buses’ crew members and owners etc.

Officials told Dawn the new facility was built after it was felt that the existing bus terminals were not only causing traffic congestions but also air and noise pollution in busy city areas.

They said the CDGL also planned to install an overhead pedestrian bridge so that the passengers could easily access the terminal.

Some local transporters said the terminal should have been built on the left side of the road, as the buses coming from other bus terminals in the city and proceeding for south couldn’t enter the facility due to non-availability of a road cut. The passengers would also prefer using the two private bus terminals on the left side of the road, they added.

“We have planned to engage the transport companies having good reputation so that people could travel in well-maintained AC buses through this terminal,” DCO Noorul Amin Mengal told Dawn.

He said initially the CDGL would allow only the buses coming from southern parts of the province to Lahore or those running from southern to northern cities via Lahore.

He said the buses plying on various routes from Karachi, Rahimyar Khan, Multan, Bahawalpur, DG-Khan and D.I Khan to Lahore will have to end their journey at Thokar Terminal, as they would not be allowed to go to bus stands near Babu Sabu, Yatim Khana and Badami Bagh.

“Similarly, the buses plying on various routes from south to north via Lahore through motorway will also be barred from entering these terminals,” Mengal added.

He said the CDGL also planned to construct another bus terminal on the left side of Lahore-Multan road, opposite the new facility so that the passengers intending to travel to south could be facilitated in boarding the buses to their destinations.
“I have forwarded a summary to the quarters concerned in this regard. And I hope that soon we will get a go-ahead in this regard,” the DCO added.

He said the buses could be allowed to enter the city only to drop passengers at other bus terminals.

He said the CDGL was also considering a road cut so that the passengers could easily access the terminal from left side of the road.