Guesthouse on footpath

Islamabad: The residents of Sector F8/1 have objected to what they say is illegal construction of a guesthouse that occupies part of the service road in front of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) office. The residents said that the owner of the guesthouse has constructed parking sheds over the footpath in connivance with the CDA officials.

The service road is already half-blocked by the ITP office and now the remaining half has been blocked by this guesthouse at the expense of the pedestrians and motorists,” the residents claimed. “We were amazed how this illegal encroachment can happen under the very nose of CDA,” a local said. The residents have called upon the authorities to take notice of the encroachment and asked the owner of the guesthouse to dismantle the parking sheds on public property. The government has allowed a couple of private schools on the same service road, which also cause heavy traffic jams during duty hours. staff reportSource:\09\26\story_26-9-2012_pg11_2