Francorp Pakistan holds franchising seminar

ISLAMABAD: Francorp Inter-national, the world’s leading franchise development consulting firm, held a franchising seminar on Thursday.

The training was exclusively designed for small and medium sized business owners and corporations to understand franchising as a growth strategy. The event addressed issues to franchise development process strategies, revenue streams and included a detailed review of the franchise marketing and selling process. Ramon Vinay, President Francorp International said franchising has proven to be the most effective business expansion method in history.

Instead of investing in owned branches or subsidiaries, business owners are paid initial fees and permanent royalties for the use of their trademark and know-how.

Pakistan is one of the few developing countries, which has both, immense potential to grow and resources, which can contribute to the growth. During the past three decades we have introduced this concept in 40 countries and by establishing and exporting businesses outside Pakistan, the net income that enters this country will significantly grow. staff report