Poor sanitary system vexes citizens

ISLAMABAD: The residents of Sector I12 have demanded of the Capital Development Authority to arrange for them a modern sanitation system as they are irked by the worst sanitary system in any sector of the federal capital. “The CDA sanitary teams bring garbage from different parts of the capital and drop the **it in our area,” they said while talking to Online on Wednesday. They said that there are offices of government and non-government organisations, hospitals, and educational institutions in the area. But due to the inadequate sanitary system, the residents are facing different diseases and health problems.

The residents said they tried to bring the situation in the knowledge of the CDA high-ups several times but the (CDA) authorities did not take any action against. So, they have demanded that the CDA should provide a modern sanitary system for the area. Meanwhile, the residents of Rawalpindi and its business community have demanded parking space under the 6th Road flyover as the construction of the flyover has started. “If a parking area is constructed under the flyover, it will help ensure smooth flow of traffic,” said a group of traders. Fencing be erected around the area left vacant under the flyover and be handed over to TMA so that the citizens and traders could park their cars therein, they added. This step would not only bring to end unauthorised parking on the road but would also add to the income of TMA, said a citizen. onlineSource: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2012%5C09%5C13%5Cstory_13-9-2012_pg11_3