People complain against carelessness of Wapda meter-readers

Electricity consumers residing in different localities of Rawalpindi are facing huge bills due to carelessness on the part of the staff of Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) in the performance of their official duties.

According to consumers of localities including Harley Street, Dheri Hassanabad, Talhi Mohri, Sabzazar Colony, Kamalabad, Aslam Shaheed Road, Dhoke Juma, they are receiving heavy bills of electricity as meter-readers don’t take meter reading on a fixed date some time making the bill for more than 30 days. The practice not only increases the number of units but also General Sales Tax that double the total amount.

They said meter-readers are supposed to take meter reading within the first week of the month but they don’ t perform their duty on time and usually come for meter reading after 10 to 15 days, which is resulting in inflated bills, complain Mohsin Khan of Harley Street and Ishtiaq Ahmed of Ghausia Chowk, Talhi Mohri, while talking to ‘The News’.

They alleged that the meter readers sometimes do not even turn up to note reading but send excessive bills with exaggerated units.

The consumers have appealed to the concerned high-ups in their respective sub-stations of Wapda/Iesco to chalk out a proper system and policy, directing the meter-readers to take reading on fixed dates or during first week of every month. It would save consumers from extra burden of amount in electricity bills.

Reacting to the allegations of the consumers, the SDOs of their respective stations on condition of anonymity said that such incidents of late reading occurs once in a year due to some reasons or busy schedule of workers which include meter readers. Otherwise, the daily working chart of the meter-readers is noted. If any negligence is noted on the part of a meter-reader in performance of his duty, notice is issued to him. It affects their annual ACRs, they said.