Malik Riaz files review petition against Shoaib Suddle Commission

ISLAMABAD: Real property tycoon and former chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Tuesday filed review petition in Supreme Court (SC) against formation of Shoaib Suddle Commission in Arsalan Iftikhar case.

The petition was filed by Zahid Bokhari counsel for Malik Riaz under article 188 of the constitution. He took the plea in the petition that June , 14 decision of the court was not nullified in the August, 30 verdict of SC on Arsalan Iftikhar review petition.

June, 14 decision was still pending in the court, therefore, Arsalan Iftikhar review petition was non maintainable and no such decision could be rendered in any review petition whereby responsibility of commission was given to Shoaib Suddle, he added.

How can it be possible that a set methodology is decided by a court earlier and the second modus operandi is adopted without revoking the first methodology, he questioned.

It was said in the petition that this step of the court had rendered the first verdict ineffective and this decision was new for Malik Riaz therefore, he wanted review as the court had overstepped its jurisdiction. It does not fall in the ambit of review to constitute new commission or change the first decision when review of the case is in progress, therefore, it is requested to the court to withdraw its decision on formation of Shoaib Suddle Commission . Objections have also been raised on Shoaib Suddle in the petition.

The court withdrew the application filed by Dr Arsalan Iftikhar but we have not been taken into confidence in new investigations, he stated.

It was also mentioned in the petition that Shoaib Suddle had close family relations with the family of Arsalan Iftikhar and he also attended the wedding party of the latter.

In Murtaza Bhutto case Shoaib Suddle was named and this application was still pending with court, therefore, inquiry could not be assigned to such person, application said further.

Objection was also raised in the petition that Shoaib Suddle was performing the duties of Wafaqi Tax Ombudsman and he could not become part of any such inquiry while holding this office. This is breach of the constitution that such responsibility is entrusted to a serving government official, application added.