Malik Riaz files review petition against Shoaib Suddle Commission

ISLAMABAD: Real property tycoon and former chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Tuesday filed review petition in Supreme Court (SC) against formation of Shoaib Suddle Commission in Arsalan Iftikhar case.

The petition was filed by Zahid Bokhari counsel for Malik Riaz under article 188 of the constitution. He took the plea in the petition that June , 14 decision of the court was not nullified in the August, 30 verdict of SC on Arsalan Iftikhar review petition.

June, 14 decision was still pending in the court, therefore, Arsalan Iftikhar review petition was non maintainable and no such decision could be rendered in any review petition whereby responsibility of commission was given to Shoaib Suddle, he added.

How can it be possible that a set methodology is decided by a court earlier and the second modus operandi is adopted without revoking the first methodology, he questioned.

It was said in the petition that this step of the court had rendered the first verdict ineffective and this decision was new for Malik Riaz therefore, he wanted review as the court had overstepped its jurisdiction. It does not fall in the ambit of review to constitute new commission or change the first decision when review of the case is in progress, therefore, it is requested to the court to withdraw its decision on formation of Shoaib Suddle Commission . Objections have also been raised on Shoaib Suddle in the petition.

The court withdrew the application filed by Dr Arsalan Iftikhar but we have not been taken into confidence in new investigations, he stated.

It was also mentioned in the petition that Shoaib Suddle had close family relations with the family of Arsalan Iftikhar and he also attended the wedding party of the latter.

In Murtaza Bhutto case Shoaib Suddle was named and this application was still pending with court, therefore, inquiry could not be assigned to such person, application said further. Continue reading

Selling public utility plots: LDA moves police to book housing society head

LAHORE, Sept 10: The LDA lodged an application with the police on Monday for registering a criminal case against the president of the PIA Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) for allegedly selling public utility sites/plots allocated for establishing a school, a dispensary and other welfare projects.

According to an LDA spokesman, the PECHS president allegedly sold two plots in phase 1 (already transferred to the LDA through registered deed for establishing a school and a dispensary in E and C-Blocks) to two private institutions which constructed a private school building (American Public School) and a dispensary owned by an NGO (Unique Healthcare Society).

He said the illegally sold plots were of three kanal and 7.15 kanal and were allocated for establishing a school and a dispensary, respectively.

The society president has violated the approved layout/plan of the scheme by unlawfully extending D-Block and selling 30 plots of one kanal each to different persons. Continue reading

CDA auctions 13 residential plots

ISLAMABAD – On the first day of two-day open auction of residential and commercial plots, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) received bids worth Rs175 million against some 13 residential plots located in Sector G-10/2.

On Monday, CDA offered 13 plots situated in Sector G-10/2 for auction, while on Tuesday (today) commercial plots would be offered. Out of these, plot no.136-B, measuring 233.33 square yards received the highest bid of Rs 57,500 per square yard, whereas plot no.132, Sector G-10/2 and measuring 233.33 square yards got the lowest bid of Rs 38,500 per square yard.
As per details, plot no.131, measuring 233.33 square yard in Sector G-10/2 was auctioned against Rs 48,000 per square yard, plot no.132, measuring 233.33 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received bid of Rs.38, 500 per square yard.

Similarly, plot No.133, measuring 233.33 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received bid of Rs.41,500 per square yard, while plot no.134, measuring 233.33 square yard, sector G-10/2 received a bid of Rs.43,500 per square yard.

Plot No.135 measuring 233.33 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received a bid of Rs.44,000 per square yard, plot no.136, measuring 233.33 square yard received a bid of Rs.44,000 per square yard, plot no.136-A, measuring 233.33 square yard, Sector G-10/2 also received  bid of Rs.50,500 per square yard.
Plot No.136-B, measuring 233.33 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received bid of Rs.57,500 per square yard. Plot No.466, measuring 355.55 square yard, Sector G-10/2 also received bid of Rs.50,500 per square yard.

Plot No.467, measuring 355.55 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received bid of Rs.48,000/- per square yard, plot no.468 measuring 355.55 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received a bid of Rs.52,500/- per square yard, plot no.469 measuring 355.55 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received a bid of Rs.51,500 per square yard, plot no.470 measuring 355.55 square yard, Sector G-10/2 received a bid of Rs.48,500/- per square yard.

This auction is being supervised by a committee headed by Javed Jehangir Member Finance, while Khalid Mahmud Mirza, Member Estate, Director Estate Management-I, Director Public Relations, Director Estate Management-II, and Deputy Financial Advisor present at the venue are the members of the committee. A large number of people participated in the auction on the first day. Continue reading

Judicial panel to scrutinise CDA record

ISLAMABAD, Sept 10: Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday while hearing identical petitions against the alleged illegal allotments and billions of rupees of corruption in the Capital Development Authority (CDA) constituted a judicial commission to probe the allegations.

Learned judge announced that former Supreme Court judge, Justice (retired) Sardar Raza Khan will head the commission.

The commission would scrutinise the record of all the directorates of CDA and would examine the different development and
special projects initiated by present and previous regimes.

The commission would be assisted by two retired sessions’ judges and police officials as well.

Advocate Niazi told Dawn that the commission would also ascertain the transparency in the ongoing projects as well as the projects completed during the previous years.

According to him, the projects like, Saidpur village, allotment of commercial, industrial plots, restaurant sites and kiosks, Zero Point Interchange and the development of other overhead bridges and avenues, light emitting diode (LED) as well as the matter regarding the recruitments in CDA would be examined by the commission.

CDA legal adviser Mohammad Ramzan Chaudhry told Dawn that the authority would extend full cooperation to the commission and would assist its members by utilising all its resources.

If there is any deficiency in the system it must be pointed out and be corrected accordingly, he added. Continue reading