Rang Mahal parking plaza: Residents cry foul

LAHORE, Aug 31: The contractor of the Rang Mahal parking plaza is illegally charging double parking fee and allowing local vendors to use the place as a godown.

According to the residents of the congested locality, the contractor who obtained rights of the parking plaza from LDA some time ago doubled the monthly parking fee for their cars from Rs500 to Rs1,000.They said as there was no other place to park their cars, they were forced to pay the double fee. Resistance to pay the fee or questioning about its legality means intimidation from the contractor and denial of the facility built for them with the public money. In addition, the contractor was allowing parking of handcarts of the area vendors and use of the basement as godown of rubber slippers, leaving little room for the parking of cars or motorcycles.

“It looks as if the contractor is taking the plaza as his own property where he can do anything without any questioning by the area residents or shopkeepers, or by the authorities concerned,” Aslam of Haveli Mian Khan said. He appealed to the chief minister to look into the matter.— Staff Reporter

Source: http://dawn.com/2012/09/01/rang-mahal-parking-plaza-residents-cry-foul/