Villagers, CDA sort out issues as road starts

ISLAMABAD: Work on a new highway, which would help Capital Development Authority (CDA) start the planned sectors of C13, C14, C15 and C16, has been initiated from the Islamabad side as well. CDA Chairman Engineer Farkhand Iqbal revealed this during his chat with the villagers during his routine visit to the Margalla Avenue project on Wednesday. The villagers assured him of their full cooperation in the completion of the project.

English: Map of Islamabad

English: Map of Islamabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The CDA chairman while addressing the villagers told them that the highway would not only bring prosperity but will also prove to be a facility aimed at boosting trade and better transportation to the citizens and traders of Islamabad. The highway, Iqbal said, will not only facilitate the northwestern transport coming to Islamabad but will help reduce traffic load on Kashmir Highway.

“This highway will drastically reduce the time and resources of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) vehicular traffic and will be an environments-friendly project,” he said. The CDA chairman said that the nine-kilometre-long highway would be completed in one year at a cost of Rs 580 million. The highway will have nine culverts while 12-metre-wide lanes will also be constructed along the Margalla Avenue.

Iqbal also reposed confidence in the CDA’s supervisory staff and the company constructing the highway. He however, emphasised that international standard be maintained for the completion of this mega project.

Addressing the villagers, the CDA chairman said that the authority has signed an agreement with Chinese firms for the provision of 200 million gallons of drinking water from Ghazi Barotha Canal. After completion of this project, water scarcity will end in Islamabad. He also said that to maintain uninterrupted supply of drinking water, solar pumps were also being introduced.