Protection to life, property of minorities demanded

KARACHI: The people from Hindu and Christian communities and the civil society members staged demonstration outside Karachi Press Club on Tuesday demanding protection to life and property of minorities, treating them as equal citizens of Pakistan and stopping kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu girls in Sindh. Addressing the demonstration, organised by Pakistan Hindu Society, the leaders of Hindu and Christian communities lamented that under a well-hatched conspiracy the Hindus of Sindh were being compelled to migrate to India. They said the demonstration was aimed to seek protection of Hindus living across the country.

They also demanded equal rights including jobs in military, civil and other organisations. Condemning the forced conversions of Hindu girls, the leaders said Asha and Rinkel Kumari were still in the confinement of influential persons and now another young girl Manisha had been kidnapped and converted forcibly. They demanded recovery of kidnapped Hindu girls. Bishop Nazir Alam, Dr Jaipal Chhabria, Dr Birma Jesrani, Dr Nand Lal, Dr Ashok Lal, Dr Teekam Das, Dinesh Kumar, Dr Pardeep, Rajkumar, Salim Michel, Bishop Ashraf and others addressed the demonstration. The participants of demonstration chanted slogans of ‘Long Live Pakistan’. ppi