Indian hackers break into LDA website

LAHORE - A group of some Indian internet hackers – the Indian Tigers – broke into the website of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on Tuesday and hacked it.

“We are Indians, the Tigers, and the real 1337′s are now awakened,” read a message on the LDA website after it was hacked.

The message, which started with the Indian national slogan ‘Jai hind’, added, “Congratulations, you have got the attention of the Indians. To those who are thinking who we are, never think it that way, because we are many without any name, the only name and Identity we have is INDIA, and yes we are Indian Hackers.”

The hackers generally tend to use offensive and obscene language but this was not the case here. The hackers said, “It was not supposed to happen all the sudden this way.”

“We have a message for Pakistan and Bangladesh Security and Officials who had been victim. We never intended to attack; we were forced by your counterparts, hackers who think that they are the only active session in our domains.”

However, they said, “We have NO intention to trigger a cyberwar.”

About the Pakistani hackers breaching into their cyber territory with names such as Kashmir and Kargil Avengers, the hackers said, “Talk about this to OUR President and PM’s, don’t make the cyber space crap, and we don’t think we are handing out Kashmir to 3rd party people who themselves cannot feed their own country land.”

They also threatened the addresses of their message by saying, “failing to cooperate with us will clearly cause serious problems, for examples, data leakage, Information disclosure, presidential disclosure, email dumps with string straight passwords, and other various serious attacks.”

“We hope so you collaborate,” the message added.Source: