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Home Owners Insurance

For most people their Home is the single largest asset which, if destroyed or damaged, will have unbearable financial consequences.

The structure of the Home is exposed to physical damage due to natural and man made disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods, falling aircraft, fire, vehicle impact, mob violence, to name a few.

Additionally, the Home Contents are exposed not only to the abovementioned causes but also to Burglary, Robbery and House Breaking resulting in damage to and loss of jewelry, bonds, electronic items, cash, furniture, fixtures etc.

Our Home Owner’s policy can cover you against:

  •         Fire & Lightning
  •         Burglary & house breaking
  •         Armed robbery
  •         Acts of Malicious Persons
  •         Explosion
  •         Earthquake
  •         Rain , Flood, Cyclone & Severe Storms
  •         Water Damage due to Bursting of Pipes
  •         Impact Damage
  •         Aircraft Damage

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